Building Services

Tasks Unlimited Building Services provides award-winning janitorial service, mailroom support, remodeling assistance and outdoor maintenance to federal, state and county agencies as well as private businesses.

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Mental Health Services

In addition to supported employment and housing services, Tasks Unlimited offers a variety of additional benefits to support program participants.

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Tasks Unlimited truly offers hope and meaning to an ever-growing population of people struggling with mental illness in the Twin Cities. Through your financial donations, volunteering and advocacy we can make a lasting impact on lives.

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About Tasks Unlimited

Providing supported employment and housing for people in recovery from mental illness since 1970

Using the Fairweather Lodge Model, Tasks Unlimited offers mental health services, vocational rehabilitation and affordable housing for people with serious and persistent mental illness so they can integrate into the community and live full lives.

We teach work skills, improve self-care and build positive relationships. We believe people are less likely to be hospitalized when they receive support from others while living and working together as a group.