Tasks Unlimited lodges are stable, supportive homes in clean, desirable neighborhoods throughout the Twin Cities that are available for program participants.

Unlike group homes, Tasks Unlimited lodges do not have 24-hour supervision. Based on the Fairweather Lodge Model, lodges are affordable, inter-dependent living environments operated by the tenants with limited assistance from staff. Lodge members manage their own lives and provide support to each other in daily activities. They establish their own rules, pay rent, clean, shop for groceries, go to work and participate in community activities just as one would do in any roommate living situation.

All lodge members are required to complete a lodge training program before moving into a lodge. The lodge training program (LTP) develops or refines basic living skills as well as mental health maintenance skills through peer support and reduced assistance from trained mental health professionals per the Fairweather Lodge Model principles. The Lodge Training Program resides in St. Louis Park.

We have 20 lodges around the Twin Cities metro area. Some of the communities we have lodges include:

  • Brooklyn Park
  • New Hope
  • Edina
  • Minneapolis
  • St. Paul
  • Burnsville